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Callicroft Primary

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Term 5


Explore and Adventure Family - Term 5

Welcome back from your Easter holidays! We hope you had a lovely break and many chocolate bunnies. We have a short 5 week term and 2 bank holidays! But we are hoping to get just as much learning squeezed in!

Don’t forget Monday 22nd April is a bank holiday so we will see you your wonderful smiling faces as usual on the Tuesday morning.

This term our theme is based upon 'The World Around Us' and the children understanding about life beyond their front door. Over the term we will be looking at who we share our world with, how we fit into the world around us, how we and others move around our world, why there are so many plants, why is the world is always changing and can we change it?

Reading, Writing and Phonics

Phonics is very important for teaching your child how to read and write. Our main focus this term will be learning how to blend four letter words. For example, help, just, step and pram.  It is important for your child to break the word down into individual sounds (segment) and then put the sounds back together to both read and write a word (blend). 

Our school has recently introduced a new phonics programme called ‘Sounds-Write’ to continue ensuring we get the best possible outcomes for your child. To help in supporting this, we have invested in a new range of books for the children to read at home which link directly to our teaching within the classroom. The books move up in unit order (1-11) and these levels are on the back of the books they will be reading. These books will help develop your child’s reading and writing skills at their own pace. Reading is of the utmost importance in Reception, and then throughout Primary School, as it is the foundation skill to all other learning moving through their education. It is therefore important to read regularly with your child at home to give them a chance to practise what they have learnt in school at least 3 times a week.

At this time, the number of books we have are limited and therefore we ask you to take good care of them, modelling for the children how to respect and value resources, and return them to school every Friday to be changed. We will be continuing to keep a record of which children have the books so that we can maintain our resources for future cohorts. This also means that the book your child receives may be repeated over the year; do not worry about this as it is important for your child to build up fluency, use expression and consolidate their phonic knowledge. Ultimately, we want your child to love reading! To develop this further, it is great to read a range of stories to your children too so they don’t just associate reading with being a challenge as they are learning, but instead see the adventure that reading can take them on.

Numbers/Shape, space and measure

This term we will be using our number knowledge to understand numbers beyond 10. We will also be adding, subtracting, doubling and halving. 

Home learning

Home Learning will be sent out on a Friday and needs to return to school by the following Thursday- stickers will be rewarded to children who complete fantastic learning. Our homework is set out on a grid with lots of tasks so the children can pick which task they would like to do each week.

Children will have a reading book that they can take home and this will get changed once a week. It is important for children to read at home at least 3 times a week to support their reading and writing in school and to help their imagination and it only takes 5 minutes! The staff read with every child at least once a week,  but we need your continued support to help our children achieve highly. Please record all books you read, not just the school books!

Remember you also have your logins for letter-join for the children to practise their handwriting.

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


This term our PE day is a Friday. Please ensure your child brings the correct PE kit to school with them. Thank you.

Week commencing: Monday 22nd April

 This week in English we will be thinking about what we did in half term and putting that into a full sentence and trying to record that sentence.

 In maths this week we are thinking about our daily routine and when things happen. Do we brush our teeth in the afternoon? Do we go to bed in the morning? Do we walk to school at night time? We shall see!

 Week commencing: Monday 29th April

This week in English we will be looking at re-telling stories in the correct order and using story language in our writing. 

 In maths this week we will be working on subtraction, we will be looking at symbols, ordering number sentences and using practical resources to find the answers.