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Callicroft Primary

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Welcome to the Science Page 

At Callicroft, our Science curriculum is built in to our exciting topics and we ensure coverage of all of the Science curriculum across the year.

Science learning helps children to understand the world around them and make sense of natural phenomenon.

Science is split in to different strands across KS1 and KS2 as follows and all year groups look at Working Scientifically:

  • In Year 1 - Plants, Animals including Humans, Everyday Materials and Seasonal changes.
  • In Year 2 - Living things and their Habitats, Plants, Animals including Humans and Uses of Everyday Materials
  • In Year 3 - Plants, Animals including Humans, Rocks, Light and  Forces and Magnets.
  • In Year 4 - Living things and their Habitats, Animals including Humans, States of Matter, Sound and Electricity.
  • In Year 5 - Living things and their Habitats, Animals including Humans, Properties and Changes of Materials, Earth and Space and Forces.
  • In Year 6 - Living things and their Habitats, Animals including Humans, Evolution and Inheritance, Light and Electricity.

Please see the curriulum maps for each year group to see how these elements of Science will be covered in the topics.

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