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Callicroft Primary

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Year 2 - Term 1

This term our topic is called 'Lost in Space'. During our topic the children will be designing and making a rocket in DT, learning about famous astronauts in History and looking at aerial maps in Geography. 


During our English lessons this term the children will be focusing on different sentence types including exclamatory, questions, statements and commands and will need to know the difference between them. They will also have to remember to use capital letters and full stops correctly, as well as planning their sentences before writing.

It will also be very important for the children to continue to work on their spelling. There will be a new set of tricky words for the children to learn whilst also continuing to spell those from the year 1 curriculum correctly. Using phonics for spelling is also very important for the children and so we will be practising our sounds daily.


This term in maths the children will be focussing on the place value of numbers and will quickly be able to recognise the value of each digit within a 2 digit number. They will then be using this knowledge to add and subtract one and two digit numbers. It will be important for the children to learn how to apply these skills to solve word problems in preparation for their SATs later in the school year.


Week 1



This week in English we have introduced the children the book 'The man on the moon'. The children have been creating predictions based on objects they have found in different pictures from the book. They have also been looking at using noun phrases to create setting descriptions. 


During our maths lessons this week the children have been looking at the place value of a 2 digit number. To help them break the number down they have been using base 10 and place value counters to represent the numbers before changing these into drawings.



This week in topic the children have been learning about space. They have been creating fact files about astronauts by looking at what they do, what they wear, what they eat and also what it is like in space.