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Callicroft Primary

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Term 2


Explore and Adventure Family - Term 2

This term our theme is based upon celebrations and the children understanding that people celebrate different events in different ways. Over the term we will be looking at finding out why we celebrate different events, who celebrates them and how we celebrate them.

Reading, Writing and Phonics

Phonics is very important for teaching your child how to read and write. Now that we have learnt all individual sounds of the alphabet we will be moving on to looking at digraphs (two letters that make one sound).  It is important for your child to break the word down into individual sounds (segment) and then put the sounds back together to both read and write a word (blend).

This term we will also begin to introduce common exception words, these are words that cannot be sounded out and need to be memorised by the children. As discussed at parents evening these will be appearing on your reading records and updated regularly. Alongside these it will be useful for you to work through the 100 most frequently used words with your child as this will support their fluency of reading. If you need a new copy of these at any time then please just ask. 

Numbers/Shape, space and measure

This term one of our focuses will be on shapes. The children will need to be able to name and describe both simple 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be continuing to look at counting to 20. This will include understanding the language of more or less. The children will also begin to look at positional language.  

Home learning

Home Learning will be sent out on a Friday and needs to return to school by the following Thursday- stickers will be rewarded to children who complete fantastic learning. Our homework is set out on a grid with lots of tasks so the children can pick which task they would like to do each week.

Children will have a reading book that they can take home and this will get changed two times a week. It is important for children to read at home at least 3 times a week to support their writing in school and to help their imagination and it only takes 5 minutes! The staff read with every child at least once a week  but we need your continued support to help our children achieve. Please record all books you read, not just the school books!

Remember you also have your logins for letter-join for the children to practise their handwriting.

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


This term PE will be on a Monday. Please make sure your child has the correct uniform in school with them. 

Week commencing: Monday 5th November

We hope you had a lovely weekend and saw and heard lots of fireworks. This week we are focusing on Firework night. We will be asking the children to think about the shape and colours that they saw and the sounds that they heard. They will be describing this in their English work and they will have the opportunity to paint and build fireworks as well.

Week commencing: Monday 12th November

As part of our theme work this week the children will be learning about Diwali. We will be looking at the story of Rama and Sita, creating Diwali patterns, experimenting with playdough and continuing to improve their fine motor skills.

In our phonics lessons the children will be looking at the digraphs sh, ch, th and ng. These are in words such as 'shop, fish, chip, much, think, path, rang and sing'. Have a go at reading and writing words like this at home.

During our maths lessons we will be looking at both 2D and 3D shapes. The children will have the opportunity to sing songs linked to these, name them and describe them using key vocabulary such as sides, corners and edges. 

Week commencing: Monday 19th November

During our theme lessons this week we are going to be thinking about how people celebrate different events. As part of this Miss King and Miss Thomas will join the children during a lunch time to eat lunch and think about Thanks Giving. We will also be looking at photographs of different events and discussing how these are celebrated.

In our phonics lessons the children will be looking at the digraphs ai, ee, igh, oa and oo. These are in words such as rain, brain, sheep, keep, night, sight, road, toad, look and zoom. Have a go at reading and writing words like this at home.

In maths we will be using positional language such as under, beside, on top and next to. 

Week commencing: Monday 26th November

In theme this week we will be learning about the story of 'The Nativity'. We will be re-capping the main events in the story as well as discussing the people.

During our phonics lessons we will be continuing to use the sounds we have learnt and focus on blending these sounds together. 

In maths we will be focussing on counting actions.

Week commencing: Monday 3rd December

Week commencing: Monday 10th December