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Term 6

Hope you have all had a good half term break and well rested.

Obviously tomorrow is an inset day, so you have one more day off before you return on Tuesday.

This term we our topic is 'City Snapshot', it has a geography focus to which we are studying different countries, their capital cities, flags and national anthems. We are investigation longitude and latitude, time zones, forces, gravity, weather, writing travel brochures, tasting different foods,  finding different landmarks around the world, photography, editing photos and animations. We will be having a WOW day this week with which we are 'travelling' to different countries around the world. In PE this term we are practising and improving our skills to athletics and rounders. Our PE days will be Monday and Thursday.

Have a great week!

Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of Term 6 - I said to the children last week this term will fly by and it is already starting to feel like that. This week we have our traditional Monday - with reading, mental maths, PSHE and PE. On Wednesday, it is our Happiness and Success Day so the children will be having a day of activities focusing on our future. We are also having our WOW day this week, where the children will be 'visiting' 12 different countries.

Have a great week!

Week 3

What a great WOW day we had on Friday. The children visited 12 different countries over 5 different continents.  This week we have our traditional Monday - with mental maths and whole class reading session. We have PE and Music in the afternoon. We are looking at the impact on technology and we finish the week with our KS2 Sports Day! Fingers cross the rain stays away.

Have a great week! 

Week 4

What a fantastic Sports Day we ad on Friday, so thank you to the parents who supported for the duration of the morning. This week we had Year 5 assessments taking place for parts of Monday through to Wednesday. On Monday, we still have our whole class reading session and PE in the afternoon. PE will also be on Thursday. Also this week, we are listening to different National Anthems and on Friday, if the children could have a packed lunch or a Cold School Meal that would be great as we are having a picnic on the field.

Have a great week!

Week 5

What another great week we have had! We finished the week with a fantastic picnic on the field. Next week is a relatively straight forward week. We will be spending a large amount of time focusing on PSHE as well as a couple of photography lessons with famous landmarks around the world. Once again PE will be on Monday and Thursday. On Friday we will be starting our final art piece of the year, so if you have any spare and unwanted magazines lying around at home, could we please have them! In English next week, we are starting our final 2 week block of persuasive writing and aiming to create our own travel brochure.

Have a great week!

Week 6

We were lucky enough on Friday to help with the KS1 Sports Day. This week we are aiming to finishes off our English and Maths in order to have a fun last week of term. In English we will produce a travel brochure about a city in Europe or another country around the world. In Maths we are looking at Volume and revisiting time, as during the last week we are having a summer time challenge. We've completed our photography and moving onto our collage work. The only other piece of information, I will be sending out an email to all parents to inform them that in the last week the children want to watch The Greatest Showman - as it is a PG - I need to inform you, if you would rather not let your child watch it then please inform me.

Have a great week!

 Week 7

We have reached the last week of Year 5! Where has this term and year gone? This week will be about memories, finishing of the term, having some fun, watching The Greatest Showman and enjoying the last week as Windsor Class. Thanks for being a great class!

Have a great week and a fantastic summer holidays!