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Callicroft Primary

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Term 5



 This term PE will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school for these days and has all jewellery removed.


 This term our topic is 'Toys'. We will be exploring toys today and those from the past. On Monday 9th April your child is invited to bring in their favourite toy and also a toy form when they were a toddler and when they were a baby to explore how toys change as we grow.


 Super Hero Day

Our first book in English is Traction Man. This is a story about a toy's adventure. Children are invited to design their own super hero as homework and come to school dress as that character on Friday 13th April for the day. All work on that day will be planned around their character.  Please read attached letter for further information.


 We are heroes!

 Thank you to all our families who helped create our fantastic costumes which created a heroic feel to our day. 


 Dogs Trust

 On Thursday afternoon we were visited by Helen and her dog Trekka to learn about looking after and being safe around dogs.

We played a game of pass-the-parcel. We sang a song Helen taught us, and when we stopped we took out a clue to looking after a dog. The first one was about feeding a dog, 


We learnt about safe games to play with a dog and how to praise them. Pretending to be a dog with a wagging tail was great fun!


We had the perfect weather for the perfect Parks class trip to Westonbirt to track down the Gruffalo. 

We followed the orienteering trail to find clues to the Gruffalo's location.

We did have a little fun on the way...

But with perseverance we made to the Gruffalo just as our tummies began to rumble.

The other characters were there too.

The wood itself was fascinating and we had an amazing time exploring all the textures and colours around us. 

This redwood tree was big enough to fit all of us onto the stump!

Where have Parks class disappeared to?