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Callicroft Primary

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Term 5

Welcome to Term 5 in Ali Class.

This term our Topic is Knights and Castles in which we will be focusing on the following:-


History: during our Theme Learning we will be exploring medieval castles, how they developed over time, where they were built and why as well as finding out about the different people and activities that were found inside them. This will also involve us looking at societal changes over time as well as using our geographical understanding to identify and select an ideal position to build a castle in Grate Britain. We will also be discussing tactics when planning offensively and defensively for a siege!

Science: during this term we will be looking at seeds, plants and what they need to grow. We have planted both runner bean and GIANT sunflower seeds. We are going to plant the beans in our outside area but the children will be bringing their sunflowers home when they begin to grow. We will be using hydroponics to grow seeds and making seed models to develop our understanding of the difference ways in which seeds are dispersed.

DT: towards the end of the term we will be using our understanding of joining materials and animal habitats to design and build a habitat (or a model of one!)  for a specific animal.

PE: our PE days are Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school on both of these days. It is appropriate, if you wish, for them to leave their kits in a named bag on their pegs throughout the week and take them home on Fridays.  Please ensure all PE kit (including daps/trainers) is named clearly as well as the bag the kit is in.

Computing: this term we will be starting to develop our understanding of presentation and oracy skills by showing what we know through both filming and recording on iPads.

English: This term we are further developing our writing skills. We will be exploring what it would be like to work within a medieval castle by using role play and then writing a diary in role as that worker. We are using some of the stories of the Knight of the Round Table, with a focus on how Arthur became King, to explore medieval Britain and write a recount of life in this period. We are also using some of this term to show what we can do by writing to different stimuli (for example an image, a video, music etc). We will finish the term by writing up our Science investigation and completing instructions for how to carry it out.

Maths: to start this term off we are looking at multiplication, especially in the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will also be short, sharp questions on everything we have learned throughout this year. We will then be moving on to division so we can consolidate our understanding of how multiplying and dividing work together. We will then show what we have learned through solving word problems and investigations. We will also be spending a week moving quickly through all the aspects of Maths we have learned before developing our understanding of statistics using our Science learning and results.