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Term 4

Welcome back to a new term, its hard to believe we have completed half the year already.

This 2 is split into 2 topic, for 3 weeks we are going to continue with H2O and then for the last 2 weeks, we are going to change the topic to Space.

Our focus for the next 3 weeks will be locating UK cities and river, describing and understanding rivers, creating Locks and building a bridge. We have swimming this term (this starts on Wednesday 28th February for 4 weeks). With having swimming each week our other PE lesson with Mr Smallwood with be on a Thursday. Please make sure we have reading books in daily and especially on a Monday. I will continue to update on a weekly basis.

Have a great week.

Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the term and this is only a 5 week term. This week starts with our now normal Monday of reading, PSHE and 2x mental maths sessions. This whole term is all about fractions so this week we are multiplying a fraction by a whole number. In English we are continuing with our Flood Narrative story, the videos we used last week were a great success and the children produced a fantastic word bank. We have swimming on Wednesday and it is World Book Day on Thursday, so please remember to dress up, and in the evening it is Bedtime Read.

Have a great week!

Week 3

Well, what a way to end Week 2 - Storm Emma certainly arrived. So I hope you all had a great snow day and enjoyed this opportunity - Snow Day pictures welcomed next week - I'm aiming to build and igloo in my garden (depending on outcome will determine whether a photo will be taken). Next week is our last week of our topic H2O before we move onto Space. So this week we are building a bridge in DT and concluding our flood narrative story. Please remember you reading books on Monday and our Swimming kit on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend and a great week!

Week 4

Literally, how fast is this term going?! We finished our topic on H20 and the children wrote fantastic narratives about a flood. We start a new topic this week... 'Houston, we have a problem' which is all about Space. In Maths we are continuing with fractions, decimals and percentages. In English we are moving onto a writing outcome focusing on planets. Tomorrow afternoon we are studying Neil Armstrong and building our own Apollo 11 shuttles (so if you have any junk modelling at home - then please bring it in for us). As it is Monday tomorrow, please make sure reading books are in school. Swimming on Wednesday so make sure kit is in school.

Have a great week!

Week 5

Wow - we are into the last week of term 4! 2/3 of the academic year over! Firstly, I apologise for having to cancel my parents evening on Wednesday and Thursday, but as the letter states I will reschedule them for Thursday 12th April (the first Thursday after the Easter Holidays). As for next week we have our traditional Monday - so mental maths, PSHE and whole class reading, so please remember your reading books. In topic this week we are looking at Tim Peake and his work on the International Space Station. This is a great link to our focus last week which was Neil Armstrong. It is our final Swimming session on Wednesday, so lets have 100% of kit in school. As it is our last day on Friday, we finish the week with our Easter Service at church.

Have a great week and a fantastic Easter Holidays!