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Term 3

Welcome to 2018!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This term our topic is called H2O, the area of focus is Geography, ICT and Science. Our PE days are Monday PM (Dance with Miss Brown) and Wednesday PM (Mr Smallwood), in 2 weeks time we will be starting Swimming at the Filton Leisure Centre. I will update my web page on a weekly basis.

Have a great week!

Week 2

This week we are starting our new topic called H2O and our new Power of Reading book called Floodland. In Maths this week we are revisiting multiplication and division with a focus on multiplying a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number. We have dance tomorrow afternoon so please remember your PE kit. Also this week we are testing the quality of water plus investigating and understanding the water cycle.

Have a great week!

Week 3


Where is January going? Its seems to be flying by already. We start the week with having whole class reading and mental maths plus PSHE and the use of Jigsaw. Please make sure your child has their new reading book in school tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon is dance with Miss Brown, so please make sure PE kit is in school. The first of our changes takes place on Tuesday, PE with Mr Smallwood is now Tuesday afternoon as we start SWIMMING on Wednesday. Other things happening this week, we are looking at long division in Maths as well as singing our Prime Numbers song. Last week we wrote letters to Evian and now our new 3-week block is about writing an explanation text about the water cycle.

Have a great week! 

Week 4

Over half way through the term and this week is a very busy week. We start with our whole class reading session tomorrow morning, so please remember your reading books tomorrow. We have a double mental maths session, one in the morning and one before dance. As it is dance tomorrow, please remember your PE kit. On Tuesday we are heading to Portishead and Blaise Castle to collect different water samples to test back at school plus take Monet inspired pictures. We had an art gallery on Friday where the children analysed 12 different Monet paintings. Our Art project this term is to paint our own Monet picture using water paints. We have swimming again on Wednesday, so once again please remember your swimming kit. On Thursday it is PE with Mr Smallwood. This week in Maths we are looking at Factors, Multiples, multiplying and dividing 10, 100 and 1000 plus creating our own Prime Numbers 'ROAR' song.

Have a great week!

Week 5

We are into our penultimate week and to the end of January, that month has flown by. After completing a fantastic trip to Portishead and Blaise, we were able to take some excellent pictures and this week we are going to paint them using water paints. Tomorrow is our usual Monday, so please remember your PE kit and reading book. We have PE on Thursday with Mr Smallwood and Enrichment returns on Friday.

Have a great week!

Week 5

Welcome to the final week of Term 3 and come Friday, we will be half way through the year. This week it is Science Week, so each day we will be completing 5 different experiments around the themes of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics. As well as Science week, on Tuesday it is Safer Internet Day and in Year 5 we are focusing on Social Media and how to stay safe when using it. Tomorrow afternoon we have dance with Miss Brown and on Thursday we have PE with Mr Smallwood. Please remember your reading books tomorrow.

Have a great week and enjoy our half term break!