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Callicroft Primary Academy

Foundation Stage

Your child's first year of school is the final stage of the Foundation Stage Curriculm, before moving onto the National Curriculum during Year 1. 

Most of the learning that takes place in Reception is through interaction, exploration and play. This gives children the opportunity to explore and expand their knowledge through practical activities and to consolidate their new found skills.

The term ‘foundation stage’ is used to describe the phase of education from a child’s third birthday to the end of the reception year.  

From September 2012 there was a new focus on three prime areas which are the basis for children’s ability to learn and develop healthily:

  • personal, social and emotional development;

  • communication and language;

  • and physical development.

Beneath these are four areas of learning where these skills are applied:

  • literacy,
  • mathematics,
  • expressive arts and design
  • understanding the world

At Callicroft we aim for the learning in Reception to be active and practical, which allows the children the achieve, explore and gain knowledge while having fun.

Link to CBeebies - educational fun and games for Nursery and Reception children.