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Callicroft Primary Academy

Columbus Term 1

Welcome to the start of Year 6 and what a busy term to start with!

This term we have Camp, Class Assembly and Swimming so keep an eye on the calendar for these events.


 In English this Term we will be focusing on writing Newspapers, Poetry and Instructions. We will be using two main high quality texts to explore Grammar and textual conventions and to inspire our writing - these texts will be revealed shortly!


 Our focus for Term 1 in Maths will be Place Value and the four operations. We will be using a variety of methods to explore and understand these concepts as these really do underpin Maths learning in Year 6. We will be using Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract methods to develop our understanding.


Our Topic for Term 1 is War and Peace. We will be going back in time to learn all about what life was like during World War 1, why the War happened and how this links to World War 2. We will also be exploring Forces and how Parachutes work, making animations, designing our own Propaganda posters and learning to hold a conversation in French.

Weekly Blogs 

Week 1: 04.09.17

This week we will be getting to know each other and establishing classroom routines and expectations as well as getting stuck in to learning in Year 6. 

In English we will be launching our Power of Reading text (be sure to ask what the book is called!) and developing our inference and understanding skills. We will be getting to know the key characters and composing some poetry. 

In Maths we will be exploring the place value of numbers to tens of millions and using this to compare, order and round numbers. 

We will also be launching our first topic: War and Peace. We will be finding out about an important figure from World War 1, beginning our History learning and starting our unit on Forces in Science.

Week 3: Camp!

 This week we went to Kilve Camp and it was Tremendously fun! Those of who stayed behind worked with Mrs Richardson and sewed poppies, wrote some fantastic stories and also completed a Theme Park project in Maths. (Please see the Class Gallery for photos!)

We showed excellent teamwork, courage and most importantly, we had great fun!