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Callicroft Primary Academy

Zuckerberg year 3


Welcome to our Zuckerberg class page, each week I will update you on key dates, events, what is happening in the classroom, insert photos and generally keep you up to date.

The members of my team is myself, Mr Jones and my learning assistants, Mrs Hall, Mr Milner, Mrs Loft and Miss Tichbon. My reading assistant is Mrs Dimary who will be with us in the afternnon.

I will always have an open door policy, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Our topic this term is 'funny bones',The main focus is the  digestive system, teeth and food. It is a very interesting topic with a large science and design and technology focus.


Our P.E day this term is Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will be collecting homework books in every Thursday.

I will continue to update to clarify what is going on and taking place.