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Callicroft Primary

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Term 2

Welcome to Term 2 in Ali Class.

This term our Topic is Fantastic Families in which we will be focusing on the following:-

History: we will be exploring changes within our country over the past 200 years, with an overall focus on the Victorians, including social change and how our lives and families are different from how they would have been during the Victorian era. This will involve us having a Victorian school day as well as a trip to Tyntesfield House nearer Christmas.

Art: the focus for our learning and exploration in Art this term is based on William Morris. We will be studying his art work and its uses, with the end goal of creating our own William Morris masterpiece!

Science: throughout this term we will be developing our understanding of families of materials - including classifying and understanding the properties of materials and how this is relevant to their usage. We will be carrying out an investigation into insulators by trying to ensure our ice cube remains frozen for as long as possible! 

PE: in line with our learning in History, we will be focusing on formal dancing (the Quadrille) on Mondays with Miss Brown as well as continuing to have PE on Tuesday.

Computing: this term we will be starting to develop our understanding of presentation and oracy skills by showing what we know through both filming and recording on iPads.

English: we will start by looking at the book 10 Things I can do to Help my World which help us write a persuasive letter to Mr Clark before moving on to planning and writing a recount based on our trip to Tyntesfield at the end of term. At different times throughout this term, we will be focusing on our descriptive and fiction writing skills as well as developing our understanding of how to use question and exclamation marks as well as consolidating our understanding of simple and compound sentences.

Maths: to start Term 2 we are focusing on multiplication followed by division, using concrete objects  before moving on to number sentences and calculations, We are planning on spending time towards the end of term developing our understanding of data and statistics.