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Callicroft Primary Academy

Term 1

We have already completed our first piece of art work as Year 1. We worked hard to draw our self portrait and wrote about ourselves during progression day. This work has produced our first display as year 1.


PE will be on Tuesdays. Please ensure your child comes to school in the correct PE kit for that day.

Thank you

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This term our topic is Lost in Space. We will be looking at what a astronaut needs to wear to go into space and designing and making a rocket. We can even go on our own visit into space using our own class space ship!



Within English we will be working on writing caption and sentences using phonics to spell and using the punctuation of capital letters and full stops and the use of finger spaces. The skill of phonics is essential and there will be a big focus on the reading and writing using phonics. We will be working in the following phonics:

ai, a-e, ay, ey

ee, ea, y

ie, i-e, igh, y

oa, o-e, o, ow

ue, u-e, u, ew

We will also be working in reading and spelling tricky words. Words that can be practiced will be sent home in a word box. These will include tricky words, phonics words and non sense words to help prepare for out phonics screen test in term 6.

Week 1


This week we will start our new book for English. Can you guess what It will be about from the door?