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Callicroft Primary Academy

Brunel - Year 4

Term 6

During the final weeks of this term I am out of class for various reasons. Below are the dates. If you need to speak to me on these days I am in school so please feel free to let the covering teacher or Miss White know at the end of the day and I am happy to speak to you the following day or if it is urgent they can come and get me.

Monday 25th June- Full day- in school

Thursday 5th July- Full day-in school

Friday 6th July- Full day- in school 




New spellings

Children will be sent home with a full set of spellings. Each week they will work their way through practising words and adding in new words when they feel that a word is learnt. At the end of each week their partners will test them on the ones which they have practise (they will tell them for example they practise the first 5 words). The following week your children will practise any of the spellings they got incorrect the previous week, then continue to add on spellings as they feel they have learnt them.

Your children will be in control of how fast they progress, they need to be practising at home and in school. There is no limit to how many words they consolidate each week for example one week they may focus on up to 10 spellings but they may find the next few spellings trickier and feel they need to spend longer on them, meaning they could only do 5 in a week.

It is important that your children take ownership of their spelling and each week progress through the sets to move onto the next set. However it is not a race, they need to be able to spell the words not only in a test but also in their work.

Children were given a test prior to this to work out which set they should start on.

Any questions please feel free to come and speak to me.

P.E Days this term are as follows:-
Monday- With me
Tuesday- Mr Smallwood
This term is very busy so please remember to keep checking you Callicroft calendars also I have posted some key dates on our term 4 page. 
Remember to see what we have been doing in year 4 by visiting looking at our Twitter page! You can access it on twitter or see it here on our class homepage.  
Follow us @Yr4_Callicroft.
4 out of 7 Reading challenge: 
If children read 4 times a week and have a grown up write about it in their reading record they will be able to move up our challenge, if they reach the top character by week 7 they will win a treat! Reading records need to be handed in on a Thursday.
Each week myself or Mrs Macey will sign off to say it's been checked, if it has not been signed please tell your child to hand it in. 
To clarify- it's about reading 4 times a week so it will not be counted if the 4 times are across separate weeks. 
Home learning:
Up to three home learning tasks should be completed each week, children can pick any of the given tasks or choose their own tasks. This can also include times tables practise or spelling practise. Homework books should be handed in on a Thursday. 
Miss Hector.

Year 4 Spellings

Please click the link below to download a list of the year 3/4 spelling list. Children should be able to spell all of these by the end of year 4.


Below is a list of homophones, words that sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things. 

Children can practise these at home, by writing different sentences or drawing spelling pictures (pictures which incorporate the word itself).


Click for Term 1 information.

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